FONTON INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. founded in 1985 specializing in manufacturing/selling tools & equipment for producing, researching & developing(R&D) and maintaining electronic, computer, telecommunication, semiconductor products.  Technology innovation, quality upgrade and perfect service are provided to satisfy customers’ needs while various electronic products are supplied as the best solution for the production of manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce production costs, and ensure perfect quality.

Starting on the basis of cordiality, regarding creativity as the lifeblood of the company, satisfying customers is the uppermost goal of service.  FONTON highly emphasizes on putting cordiality, creativity & service into practice.  As a result, the company invests a considerable quantity of manpower and material resources in product researching and innovation.  Various advanced electronic device for manufacturing are either developed by the company itself or jointly manufactured with academic researching institute to satisfy the needs of the industry.

With the trend of the electronic industry toward even higher performance and environmentally friendly activities, in order to provide customers with more diversified products, FONTON has also been actively providing various fields of high-quality electronic chemical materials, such as semiconductor packaging and surface mount solder material (flux paste, BGA solder balls, etc.), thermal conductivity materials, Adhesives, LED thermally conductive plastic, electronic cleaners, halogen-free materials, and other related products.  Continue to meet our customers' needs are our top priority, to create a win-win and mutual benefit is our ultimate goal.
Intel Corporation has presented an Appreciation Award to FONTON for Intel’s Equipment Vendor Enabling program. Intel and FONTON have worked for over five years to align roadmaps, access new technologies and review new Intel Components. The award of appreciation is to recognize the great support and participation towards Intel’s Equipment Vendor Enabling program. It also further solidifies FONTON’s reputation as the partner of choice for new technology manufacturing.